3 Ways to Get the Most Value from Foursixty

Maximizing Value from Foursixty

Learn how to maximize value from Foursixty by following three key steps: tagging products daily, optimizing gallery placement, and installing the conversion pixel.

Key Steps

1. Tag Products Daily   
- Tag products at least once a day; if not daily, aim for weekly.
 - Tag products in galleries to encourage customer purchases.

2. Optimize Gallery Placement   
- Place galleries on the home page, full-page gallery, and product pages.
   - Ensure visibility of galleries across the site for customers.
   - Place the full-page gallery in a prominent location for easy access for Instagram customers.

3. Install the Conversion Pixel
   - Install the conversion pixel to track value on the site.
   - Compatible with Shopify, Salesforce, or Magento platforms.

Make sure that...
- Products are tagged in galleries regularly to drive customer engagement.
- Galleries are placed strategically on the site to maximize visibility and conversion.
- The conversion pixel is properly installed to accurately track gallery performance.Tips for


- Set a reminder to take products daily or weekly to maintain consistency.
- Regularly review gallery placement to ensure optimal visibility for customers.
- Test the conversion pixel after installation to confirm accurate tracking.