All my variants/options are not showing up in the pop-up when I click Add To Cart

If you use an app that creates additional variants or options outside of the Shopify environment, these may not show up in Foursixty pop-ups.

In this situation, the recommended solution is to disable the Add To Cart button. This will also remove the price from the pop-up, but will leave your product thumbnail image and title that will remain linked to the product page .

To remove the Add To Cart button, add the following element to your embed code. You would place this in the script area. We usually recommend adding it right after the data-feed-id="youraccount" element.



If you wanted to add a SHOP NOW call-to-action button that also links to your product page, add the following additional code right after the above:

.fs-link-text::after { content: "SHOP NOW"; display: block; max-width: 110px; border: 1px solid #222; padding: 10px; margin: 15px auto; }


And the final result: