I have a Shopify store and I'm having trouble with the wrong prices showing up for products in my gallery pop-up window? How do I fix this?

This article will help you fix incorrect pricing showing up in your lightbox views.

If you have your shoppable gallery integrated on a Shopify store, you'll have the prices of products displayed in the gallery pop-up window. See the screencap below for reference.

If the price is incorrect, in many cases what comes up will be the price of the same item in a different colour/or style - ie. a different "variant" of the same product.

Please note that only the price and photo of the main variant will appear in the shoppable gallery pop-up window. This is because of a limitation with the Shopify product feed where they only provide us access to the "Default" or first variant information.

The other reason that a price could be incorrect is because of the use of a third-party currency conversion app. Our pop-ups will only pull the information directly from Shopify, so it will not be affected by 3rd party apps that change to different currencies.

The most effective way to work around the issue is to remove the price from the pop-ups altogether. When doing this, the product images and "add to cart" button will remain in tact but the price will no longer be displayed. 

To remove the product price from your Foursixty pop-up windows, you will need to add the following piece of code to your Foursixty style section just before the </style> tag:
fs-product-price { display: none }