How do I install Foursixty for my Shop App storefront?

This article will walk you through how to get Foursixty on your Shop App.

What are Shop Minis?

Shop Minis allow your customers to shop your Instagram and User Generated Content (UGC) via your Shop App store!

Now that you know what Shop Minis are, lets show you how to install:

Step 1:
Make sure that you have installed the Shop Channel in your Shopify store.
(Add Sales Channel in Shopify, click here to add.)

Step 2:
Open your Foursixty Dashboard, click on Menu in the top-right corner, then click on Shopify.
You can also click here to be sent there directly.


Step 3:
You will see on this screen a button where you can connect the Shop App to your Foursixty data.
Click the blue button to start this process. 

Step 4:
You will be brought to a screen that will ask you to update the permissions that Foursixty has to your Shopify Admin that you will need to approve.

These permissions are required because Shopify needs all of your Instagram images to be pulled into the Files area of your Admin before they can be displayed in the Shop App and these permissions allow us to save the images there.

Once this has been completed, the images will start propagating to your Files area and you should be able to see Shop Minis in action shortly thereafter!


Quick Troubleshooting:

  • You connected Foursixty but don't see the images in the Shop App?
    Once Foursixty has been connected, Shopify starts a process to copy the images from your Foursixty feed into the Files area of your Shopify Admin.
    This process can take 30 minutes or more to complete and, once completed, your gallery will show.

  • Don't see your products tagged to your images in the Shop App?
    To show the product tags, the products must be enabled for the Shop channel within Shopify.
    If you have tagged products and they show on the galleries implemented on your site, this is usually the reason.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at or our Contact Us page.