What is the Foursixty "Your Page" used for?

The YOUR PAGE option exists for a few reasons:

Use-Case 1:
If you don't have a responsive website, you can use the page as your Instagram bio link. For example: "Click the link below to Shop Our Instagram --> foursixty.com/yourbrand.   See the image below for reference.

Use-Case 2:
If you're making your content shoppable and you want to see how your gallery looks before you embed it, the foursixty.com/yourpage will give you a solid idea of how your shoppable galleries could look and function. Some things that you will want to consider when using this method is:

- This page is un-customized, so it will have default fonts and settings that may not match what you have/want to have on your site. 
- If you have a Shopify store, this method will not show the integrations, so the Add To Cart button and thumbnail image will not be present, but instead it will have a link to the product page.